Absence makes the heart grow fonder, is an old saying when someone has been out of communication. I sure not posting to my blog for three months counts as an absence, perhaps benign neglect is more appropriate.

I was reminded of this by a colleague that I did make a promise to stay current with this new blog. So I fall upon my sword, and once again promise to do better.

With everything going on in the world there are a host of topics I could discuss that would no doubt be interesting on which to write.  However, I have made a concerted decision to stay away from world events in the general sense and only discuss them in how they deal with specific topics that I believe impact individuals in the work environment.

So I will be selective, and slightly opinionated, along with having a better writing schedule.

Hopefully, those of you who are reading this blog will follow me and from time to time share your thoughts and opinions.

© Timothy A. Wilson 2018

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