Once Again I’m Back.

I had planned to write an extended essay about why I’ve been absent from posting, but I have decided to keep this short. This long and short of it is, I am back and will be posting pieces of various lengths to this blog. Some will focus on politics, social justice, racism, management issues, advice for achieving success on your […]

Merry Christmas & Glad Tidings To All!

We truly live in hectic times. For many, the immense pressures of life butwhen one adds the constant daily political strife, it’s understandable why manyfeel crushed by it wanting an outlet. So, when the month of December suddenly arrives, we find ourselves asking,where did the year go? While reflecting on that, many find themselves realizingthat there is an immediate crisis […]

Happy Graduation Day – Maybe. Do You Have A Plan

May and June is the time when colleges and universities will be graduating their senior classes and setting them out to fend for themselves finally, or so they think. From the college or university perspective, they have honored their part of the education contract. They have provided the information the student needs to be successful in their future endeavors. At […]

How Are You Managing Your Time?

I’ve been trying to catch up on some of my business reading, and in the process of doing so I just finished a Harvard Business Review article by Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Carolyn Buck Luce entitled “Extreme Jobs The Dangerous Allure of the 70-Hour Workweek.”  It seems that we are developing a workforce that thrives on working these long hours.  […]

Alexander The Great’s Leadership Styles: What One Can Learn From Them

Partha Bose’s book, Alexander The Great’s Art of Strategy, he described the seven different leadership styles Alexander used to conquer and rule the world before his death at the tender age of 32.  Bose cataloged Seven Distinct Leadership Styles, Alexander developed and used to motivate his warriors.Trusting, Inspirational, Connective, Aggressive, Humanistic, Commanding, and Marauding. Perhaps his best was his Connective Style. […]

Who Owns The Leadership Development Process?

Who owns the leadership development process for the company? I mean who is the ultimate person responsible for ensuring that you’re recruiting, hiring, and retaining talent for your company.  I would not be surprised if some said Human Resources or others said the CEO.  Those who selected the CEO are half right. Ensuring the recruitment and retention of key talent […]