Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a great holiday. It is a time for the family to come together to share great food, watch football from High School, college and of course the traditional Detroit vs Whomever. I particularly enjoy this game as it affords me the opportunity to talk smack to my daughter for reasons I still have yet to figure out she is a Detroit Lions fan. I can only surmise it […]

November 22, 1963 – A Date I Will Always Remember

I walked into the classroom, and one a classmate said the president had been shot, I laughed and said yeah, Lincoln was shot, thinking he was trying play a joke on me because it was my 5th-period history class. He then said, no, somebody shot President Kennedy. Stunned, not believing it until our teacher came in and turned on the radio where we all listen in absolute silence. I could […]

Why The Question: Are We Helping You Be Effective in Your Current Job? Is Important

In a recent post, I mentioned three questions that a manager should be asking of their employees. As a reminder the questions were: Are we helping you be effective in your current job? Are we helping your build a successful career? Are we helping you have a fulfilling life? Let’s consider the first question, helping you become active in your current job. It may seem obvious why a manager might […]

When Asked: Are we helping you build a successful career? How Will You Respond?

Has your boss asked you the following question, are we helping you build a successful career? Would you be ready with an answer? You should be. Why? It is simple, that question is a good sign that management has noticed you and believe you are a keeper. So they want to know how they can assist you in your growth. If asked, how would you answer? Ideally, you should be […]

Getting Rid of The Performance Review Part 2

In part 1 of a series of on doing away with the performance review, I mentioned the book Get Rid of The Performance Review by Samuel Colbert. Well, Ken Blanchard and Garry Ridge have also addressed this issue with their book entitled; Helping People Win at Work, which like Culbert’s book, presents a more rational way of delivering performance information. You the reader may be wondering why I am bothering […]

The Fallacy of The Performance Review

  What follows is a fictional discussion between a manager and one of his star employees regarding his upcoming Performance Appraisal. The manager wants to have a discussion in ten minutes and get the employee (Joe) to just sign off on the PA so he can drop it off at HR. The employee is caught off guard believing a more meaningful discussion would be held so he could provide his […]

Vacation: Only For the Brave.

Looking out the window another clear blue sky and based on how the people are leisurely walking along my guess it will also be another warm day. Arriving here in Newport late Saturday was the official start of a one week vacation. My wife and I have been coming here for well over twenty years, ever since our two children were young. I always looked at it as my time […]

Bullies In The Workplace: How To Deal With Them And Move Ahead

Seth Godin had some interesting insights on bullying in the workplace, he described it: “As intentionally using power to cause physical or emotional distress with the purpose of dominating the other person. The bully works to marginalize people. In an organizational setting, the bully chooses not to engage in conversation or discussion, or to use legitimate authority or suasion, and depends instead on pressure in the moment to demean and […]