Ok, You Just Graduated From College, Now What?

It would seem those who didn’t make to their college career and placement center may be in luck compared to previous years 2018 appears to the be the best year for this year’s crop of newly minted college graduates. According to a CareerBuilder, survey companies are in the hiring mode. They are on the hunt for graduates with business and technology degrees. Also, it seems that starting salaries are in […]

Happy Graduation Day – Maybe. Do You Have A Plan

May and June is the time when colleges and universities will be graduating their senior classes and setting them out to fend for themselves finally, or so they think. From the college or university perspective, they have honored their part of the education contract. They have provided the information the student needs to be successful in their future endeavors. At the graduation ceremonies, dignitaries will give lofty speeches, and admonishment […]

Why The Question: Are We Helping You Be Effective in Your Current Job? Is Important

In a recent post, I mentioned three questions that a manager should be asking of their employees. As a reminder the questions were: Are we helping you be effective in your current job? Are we helping your build a successful career? Are we helping you have a fulfilling life? Let’s consider the first question, helping you become active in your current job. It may seem obvious why a manager might […]

When Asked: Are we helping you build a successful career? How Will You Respond?

Has your boss asked you the following question, are we helping you build a successful career? Would you be ready with an answer? You should be. Why? It is simple, that question is a good sign that management has noticed you and believe you are a keeper. So they want to know how they can assist you in your growth. If asked, how would you answer? Ideally, you should be […]