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Here I Am Once Again.

Here I Am Once Again.

Life has the tendency to throw you a bunch of challenges just to see how you would react.

For me, it was dealing with changes in my consulting business, along with a visit from my granddaughter. Not to mention our daughter’s recent challenge with cancer. So some things ended on the back burner. My blog for one.

 I have started, paused, and restarted this blog numerous times. Each time I stop, the time I restart is longer. The discipline is not at a level that caters to productiveness.

During my absence of writing, I’ve taken to analyzing various reasons for my lack of productive blog writing. There are many excuses for not writing. I won’t list them. To list them would give them credence. Something I do not want to do. I know what I need to do. I just need to write. Offering an excuse is simple. To follow through on commitment requires one to, just do it.

Everyone knows the, just make your bed speech. I worked out of the house, while the wife went to her 9-5. There were times I would be making the bed when she was coming home from her job. The looks I got would frighten a tiger. When I read that speech, it hit home. I didn’t have to have square corners. But, I found McRaven was right. Completion of that simple task set the tone for the rest of my day.

When I paused my blog, I told myself. It was just for a short stint. It wasn’t. The reality, sometimes I put too much pressure on myself in attempting to be too scholarly in my writing.

The intended goal of the blog was – and still is – to point out recent and soon-to-be college graduates, how they can move from College to Corporate, and Be a Star in 90-days. I believe it’s possible. I also think I have the message and skill to provide that information in several ways. Writing is just one of them.

So I’m back. I’ve made my bed. The easy task. Now, I move forward. I hope you will join me.

[Here is a link to Admiral William H. McRaven’s speech.]

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