Merry Christmas & Glad Tidings To All!

Photo by Cloé Fontaine on Unsplash

We truly live in hectic times. For many, the immense pressures of life but
when one adds the constant daily political strife, it’s understandable why many
feel crushed by it wanting an outlet.

So, when the month of December suddenly arrives, we find ourselves asking,
where did the year go? While reflecting on that, many find themselves realizing
that there is an immediate crisis bearing down on them.

The panic realization they have to Christmas shop. Those individuals who see
themselves as Christmas shopping aficionados have it planned out their shopping
to the point where they are just picking the last of their gifts. Bragging,
they completed most of it back in June.  

However, for many, December is more than the hustle and bustle of the
running to the mall, wading through aimless crowds wondering what to get for
their family.

Some will be without a loved one for the first time. Or those whose son or
daughter deployed in a far off country unable to be with family in the
traditional Christmas setting. Or the ugly nasty people who are so warped they
view this time of year as the best opportunity to inflict the most harm they
can conjure, because of their political or religious beliefs.

When I used to celebrate Christmas, I indeed saw it as a magical time. It
seemed that people were friendlier, caring, and joyous like the words in Joy to
the World. For those now wondering, when I stopped celebrating
Christmas, I was 13, why I stopped, well, keep reading.

Let me say this, while I no longer celebrate Christmas, and I honestly wish there was a way to harness the intended spirit and have it reverberate throughout the year and crescendo on the highest of high notes in December. Instead of turned on and off like a faucet when it suits our will, instead a calm stream flowing constantly.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year