Tim’s Rant For The Day

Oh my, Meghan and Harry’s problems are having more issues with the Royal family. For some reason, Oprah seems it’s worthy of prime time coverage. Well, they’re young, entertaining for the voyeurs who are into this sort of family bickering, not my cup of tea.

Thus my rant, while others seem to think what happens with these two somehow is essential. I get how many may see this as a useful distraction from all the talk around COVID-19, stupid Texas politics, crazy QAon conspiracy theories. After all, Megan and Harry are a cute couple, and it does seem a bit unfair how they’re being treated by members of the family. Maybe it’s a bit of Downton Abby for real for some folks.

So, why the rant, Tim? Well, as much it is a distraction, I can’t help wonder why anyone cares about the family kafuffles these two are having. They are grown-ass adults and should be capable of handling this without going public. I don’t get the need for them to air their dirty laundry in the public domain.

So Meghan may have said some mean things to staff, the world isn’t going to stop because her staff members got their feeling hurt. According to the reports, members of the Royal family are spreading falsehoods about her, and Harry I recommend the Duchess, read The Plantagenets and the War of the Roses by Dan Kennedy. It will provide her an understanding of how ruthless the family she married into can be.

The story is a distraction, perhaps one we need, but I wonder what it says about us and where we place our priorities. We have lost 519,000 US citizens from COVID-19, which has definitively altered our lives in ways we never imagined. These changes require our attention far more than what is happening with Megan and Harry and the Royal family.