Vacation: Only For the Brave.

Looking out the window another clear blue sky and based on how the people are leisurely walking along my guess it will also be another warm day. Arriving here in Newport late Saturday was the official start of a one week vacation. My wife and I have been coming here for well over twenty years, ever since our two children were young. I always looked at it as my time to take a break and just enjoy being away from day to day. Not to mention it was just a fun time.

One of the things I’ve noticed is that belief of individuals who have weeks of accumulated fail to use it. I admit I too hoarded my vacation time. It was so bad that I hit the max time allowed and had to start taking time off less I start accumulating earned time off. Sadly far too many people deprive themselves of their deserved time off out of fear of losing their jobs.

Americans are the worst when it comes to taking time off. Numerous studies over some years conducted by all manner of social scientists arrive at the same or similar conclusions, here in the United States, we have love hate relationship with taking vacations. We like the idea of lying on a warm beach, with the waves gently splashing, and sipping on a favorite beverage. Even when one is away, they are stilled tethered to their office electronically are we truly away?

Technology certainly has made it possible to stay in communication with those back in the office, and many avails themselves of that ability. Believing, it shows their commitment. News flash. All it does is tick the people in your office off. As far as giving the impression to your boss you are committed, she thinks what an idiot.

Listen, your time off is paid time off that you have earned and it is your duty to use it, not hoard it like squirrels storing up nuts for the winter. The only person who actually believes you are showing company loyalty but checking and responding to emails, and calling in all while on vacation is you. When you announced that you were taking your vacation, certain forces were set in motion. Plans created to cover for you being away, and feelings smooth over because someone you didn’t know missed out because you got the vacation slot they wanted. So when you start replying to emails and calling in to check status while on vacation, you’ve just made a whole bunch of folk mad. Why are you on vacation, if you are still working? You could have stayed

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