Why The Question: Are We Helping You Be Effective in Your Current Job? Is Important

In a recent post, I mentioned three questions that a manager should be asking of their employees. As a reminder the questions were: Are we helping you be effective in your current job? Are we helping your build a successful career? Are we helping you have a fulfilling life?

Let’s consider the first question, helping you become active in your current job. It may seem obvious why a manager might ask this question. Logic would dictate, the more efficient you are, the more productive you would be in handling your assign tasks. However, I there may be more to it than just making you more productive.

Every manager or supervisor goal is to have competent people working for them. The more efficient you are at your job, the mover effective they can be at their job.

With you becoming more competent in your current job, you win, and you start to receive more challenging assignments. Your manager wins, as they now have an employee who can take on more responsibility and she too can assume more responsibility. She has an employee whom she is comfortable in knowing that she can count on you to do a good job. The company wins as it now has two employees (you and your manager) who are more useful and productive in their roles. The customers win as they are dealing with a company that has highly trained and productive employees.

So if asked the question are we helping you be efficient in your current job. Be prepared to answer the question honestly and straightforward. If you feel that is not happening, then be clear and concise on what you need to make it happen.

Here is a suggestion. Instead of waiting to be asked this question by your manager, why not be proactive. Take this question and work out some talking points to discuss with your manager on how you see yourself being more effective at your current job. Request a meeting with your manager and discuss these points along with asking for their help in making both of you satisfied.

After all taking some initiative is never a bad thing.

We will discuss the next two questions: Are we helping your build a successful career? Are we helping you have a fulfilling life? In our next blog posts.

© Timothy A. Wilson 2017

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