When Asked: Are we helping you build a successful career? How Will You Respond?

Has your boss asked you the following question, are we helping you build a successful career? Would you be ready with an answer? You should be. Why? It is simple, that question is a good sign that management has noticed you and believe you are a keeper. So they want to know how they can assist you in your growth.

If asked, how would you answer? Ideally, you should be ready with a reply. Many are not. Why? Well, people put off the things they do not want to do. To be able to answer that question there are a few things one must do in preparation.

First: It requires taking the time to record what you are looking to do in the company. It means developing a clear set of goals that specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound. Right the old SMART process.

Second: you need to keep a record of your successes. It includes the thank you memos that you (if people still do that) from co-workers, customers, anyone you can convince to take the time and dash something out to you. Peggy Klaus
author of Brag! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It, calls it a Brag File. It also requires you to have a plan in place that allows you to meet with people who will provide you the information you need to “toot your horn.” It is not as bad as it sounds, you might want to pick up her book and read about it.

Third: I have already mentioned it, but it is well worth repeating. You need a plan. Your plan needs to be done in 90-day increments. Having a plan will help you focus. It also provides you with the direction you need to accomplish the goals you set for yourself. Remember the “T” in SMART? Getting things done in three-month segments gives you the time to measure how you are performing compared to your colleagues.

Fourth: Document, document, document. With today’s technology, there is no excuse for you not to document your accomplishments. Your cell phone or tablet is practically another appendage, and all the apps that are available to take quick notes, you should be able to compile a pretty impressive list of accomplishment in no time.

So when you get asked, are we helping you build a successful career? You will be able to say yes, here is what I have learned and be able to do, and this is how it is helping me do my job. I am looking forward to my next assignment, and I have some thoughts on what I might need to continue being successful.

© Timothy A. Wilson 2017

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