November 22, 1963 – A Date I Will Always Remember

I walked into the classroom, and one a classmate said the president had been shot, I laughed and said yeah, Lincoln was shot, thinking he was trying play a joke on me because it was my 5th-period history class. He then said, no, somebody shot President Kennedy. Stunned, not believing it until our teacher came in and turned on the radio where we all listen in absolute silence.

I could not believe what was happening, I thought, how in our day and age was could such a heinous act, the assassination of a sitting president be committed. In my view, it was something you only read about in history books or came to accept as the fate for South American dictators killed as soon as they came to power.  Here in the United States, it was an impossibility; we did not behave that way.  Like so many others, I was wrong.

My whole world changed that day.

John F. Kennedy was a man who was truly on his way to becoming a great president, taken from us, too soon and far too young.

© Timothy A. Wilson All Rights Reserved 2017

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