Are We Helping You Have A Fulfilling Life? Can You Answer This?

Well here we are at the final question for consideration; Are we helping you have a fulfilling life? Of the three (Are we helping you be effective in your current job? Are we helping you build a successful career? Are we helping you have a fulfilling life?) this is perhaps the most challenging.

Why, for this simple reason, you have to consider what you want out of life and how your current job is a) helping you achieve it or b) the possibility that what you are currently doing won’t remotely get you there regardless of what management may or may not do for you.

If you feel that management is not helping you have a fulfilling life, and you want their assistance in balancing that out, you are going to have to be specific in what you want, and how you want them to help you. It requires some careful thing on what you want from this job. By thinking about it I mean the following:

  • What have you done to lay out your plans for possible advancement in the company? Keep in mind this question is integrated with the first two. Being effective in your current role, and helping you be successful.
  • So if you are planning on having a long-term career with the company it only makes sense you have to develop your plan for moving within the company, this plan should include any training you feel you will need. Don’t forget to consider the possibility of relocation.
  • It also means you are thinking about life balance.

There is also the possibility that as you contemplate this last question, you realize that working for this company is not something you wish to do long term. If that is the case, you then need to be thinking about an exit strategy.

When putting together your exit strategy using the questions we have discussed, can provide clarity around what you will want in your next job.

© Timothy A. Wilson 2017

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