Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays It Really Doesn’t Matter

Christmas will be upon us in two days, and soon, New Years. You have to wonder how the year has passed so quickly. I hope that 2017 has been kind to you and that you have great 2018.

Despite all the hyperactivity by some whether we should wish someone Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays seems to contradict the meaning of this holiday. I don’t think Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John worried about how people we would say to each other during this timeframe.

But, at some point this has become overshadowed about who has the correct greeting or gives the biggest present. Maybe that’s why the Puritans banned the celebration of Christmas from 1620 – 1850 because they found no scriptural justification for its celebration. I really don’t care if they did or didn’t, what fascinates me is, why during this time of year people seem more generous both in spirit and compassion?

Why does the spirit of Christmas only manifest itself during the last week of December? Surely, the compassion that Jesus demonstrated while on earth was year round and not set to a particular time configured to recognize his birth. It seems to me the only people who are adamant about a particular manner of greeting during this time of year are extremely narrow-minded and see the world in a single dimension.

Allow me to suggest the following; forget about all the fake controversy over greetings during this time of year. Greet people the way you want to be greeted, and if they do not respond in kind, move on it does not matter, it is just a greeting not a declaration of loyalty.

© Timothy A. Wilson All Rights Reserved

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