About This Blog

About This Blog

First, as you can see we made some changes. Being somewhat reluctant in making changes to my website as the work usually falls upon me, you can imagine my unhappiness when I found out that my site had been hijacked by some idiot who couldn’t create something on their own. So they decided to take my site and use it to dispense bad advice. Now those of you who know me, clearly know and understand that is the last thing I would ever be involved in. As a consultant I offer advice, but not in the affairs of the heart. But, truth be told, it was time to change things around the site was looking old, so what happened got me moving in a direction to make some changes and add some new material.

Finally, what I hope to accomplish with this blog is to share some of my thoughts, ideas, criticisms, complaints about the world of consulting. Some one I admire said: “There are too many blogs from too many people. Most are dull and self-aggrandizing.” I’m going to try not to fall into the category of being dull. However, I can’t promise that I won’t do a little self-aggrandizing, I mean after all I’m a consultant that’s what we do.

Alan Weiss epitomizes what consulting is all about. He has written some outstanding books on the subject, run successful training programs, and is a well know on the lecture circuit. He clearly is a thought leader. A goal that I too hope to achieve. Which is why you will be seeing some changes coming from this Blog.

Unlike Alan, I have yet to write a book but that’s not to say it won’t happen, it’s just to point out that if you’re looking for my book, you won’t find it. At least not yet. I will share with you some ideas I’ve learned during my 30 years working – it’s actually long but just telling you I’ve worked for 30 years you already think I’m older than Methuselah – I’m not.

There is something I want to let you know upfront. My family and I suffered something that NO family should have to endure. Ten years ago we lost our youngest our son Derek in a car accident. To say that event changed my life is a gross understatement.

While I know one has to move on it does allow you to see things differently and hopefully help people who are in leadership positions learn how to not take themselves too seriously. For those who are trying to climb the corporate ladder to better understand that there are times, you do need to take a break and enjoy life. So I will be writing about that whenever I think you the reader need some encouragement to slow down and enjoy yourself.

My goal of this blog is simple, to share with you what I’ve learned working inside the corporation and working for myself for the past 18 years, and life lessons that I continue to learn.

Rules of the blog:

1. My intent to post new articles once a week. Some will be on management, others on diversity, personal development. Also, I will be writing on other subjects that interest me.

2. Responses are welcome. I will reply if it furthers the discussion, makes a good point. Responses that do not add value or are clearly uninformed to a level they can’t be allowed to propagate will not only not be answered but will be deleted. Examples of such, are posts that attack, slander, use inappropriate language, you get the point.

These are my rules, and they are simple to follow. I hope you find this blog helpful.