About Tim

Extensive Experience and Solid Expertise

Timothy A. Wilson

Tim Wilson is a business management and organizational development consultant with more than 30 years of progressive business and managerial experience in senior-level positions.  He has extensive knowledge of the technology industry derived from 25 years, with one of the largest high technology employers in New England.

Tim’s most valuable strengths are in team building, training, change management, developing organizations, and understanding businesses’ need to focus on their bottom line persistently.  He is an expert in the areas of accountability, revenue generation, and helping businesses to improve communication, enhance employee performance, increase productivity.

Professional Development and Education

After starting his career in information systems, Tim moved to human resources to apply his experience in resolving system and people issues and acquire expertise in organizational development and employee/human relations.  He held positions in the retail, insurance, financial services, and management consulting industries before settling into the tech arena in 1974.  In 1999, Tim launched T.A. Wilson Associates, a management consulting and organizational development firm providing solutions to business issues such as optimizing employee productivity, and training individuals, teams, and entire organizations.

Tim possesses a Master of Science degree in Applied Management from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Information Systems from Clark University in Worcester, MA.  He also received an Associates’ degree in Business Management from Fisher College in Boston.

Conference Papers and Articles

During his career, Tim has spoken at numerous conferences and published articles on minorities in the workplace.  Conference papers and articles include:

Downsizing: What Can We Do About It?

Workforce 2000: What Does it Mean for the IT Professional?

Concepts for Corporate Survival for the Minority Professional

Managing Diversity: A Competitive Advantage

Assists with Resolving Organizational Issues

A management consulting and organizational development firm, T. A. Wilson & Associates helps small-to-medium businesses with resolving internal issues that are impacting the company’s growth and ability to achieve its business goals.  These internal issues pertain to accountability, the sales process, employee relations and communications, employee management skills. by providing proven solutions that are focused on the company’s business and organizational goals, T. A. Wilson & Associates enables companies to regain growth and profitability and encourage the maximum potential of every employee.  The firm also helps company owners with boosting revenue and strengthening their business for implementing an exit strategy.

Addresses Problems with Managers, Focusing on Maximizing Their Strengths

Managers generally attain their supervisory roles through promotion from the junior ranks and haven’t learned the skills necessary to becoming an effective manager.  Accountability — understanding and acting on what they’re responsible for with subordinates, supervisors, and other co-workers — is a critical area that most managers need to develop.  For company managers, T. A. Wilson & Associates provides solutions and training on team-building, employee communications, delegating, encouraging performance, and maintaining customer satisfaction.  The firm also assists companies with focusing on how to best utilize their managers’ strengths.

T. A. Wilson & Associates serves clients in several industries, including architecture and design, financial services, healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, and utility/power products.  Its line of services offered includes the following:

Provides Full Complement of Services

Assessment – As a first step, performs a thorough evaluation of the company, conducting surveys, interviews, and focus groups with management, employees, and customers to determine the issues and problems that are causing them pain.  Based on the results, recommendations are made for immediately resolving the apparent issues.

Team-Building – Based on the assessment results and problem areas identified, T. A. Wilson & Associates develops a training and intervention program that provides the necessary tools for effective teamwork, helping to locate hidden resources, empower and motivate employees, and leverage diverse perspectives.  The firm also educates and trains personnel on effective communications techniques and customer service skills, and provides strategies on how to be proactive in handling employee issues, resolving conflict before it becomes costly, and identifying processes that impact management and employee productivity.

Executive and Management Briefings – Inviting senior-level management professionals, T. A. Wilson & Associates regularly conduct two-hour briefings on dysfunctional teams, including discussions on typical scenarios and what is needed to motivate employees to perform.