Possible Trump VP Candidates, Byron Donalds, Tim Scott Pigs Will Fly First

Donald Trump is a seventy-eight-year-old, out-of-shape white man who believes he is the center of American politics. Trump suffers from a warped belief he is the best president this country has ever had. Further, Trump thinks only the United States can be great again by putting him back behind the Resolute desk to use his perceived cognitive genius and superhuman deal-making powers, and the world leaders will be knocking on his door to do deals with him, such as ending the war between Russia and Ukraine. According to Trump, Putin thinks he’s brilliant. He and Putin would come to a deal that his buddy Putin couldn’t pass up, and the whole war would end in a day because Donald J. Trump is just that good at making deals.

One thing is for sure: Putin would love to see Trump back in office as he could fulfill his fevered dream of reconstituting the old totalitarian Soviet Union warts and all, but he would be the new and improved version of Stalin, his hero. All it would cost him is a couple of billion dollars in Trump’s bank account and some sound election interference, and as the English say, “Bob’s your uncle.” Putin would be one of the happiest dictators alive.

Trump wants the American populous to believe that Joe Biden is an illegitimate President and stole the election from him through voter fraud with the use of mail-in ballots. Trump knows that isn’t true, but his associates repeat his claims, especially those who desire to be on the ticket with him as vice president. He has no problem acting out his craven desire for relevance, power, and importance to act and manifest behavior detrimental to our political process. Plus, he has individuals who will sell their souls for what they perceive Trump can give them by showing their loyalty and willingly would bend the knee.” I give you Bryon Donalds and Tim Scott.

Byron Donalds and Tim Scott have fallen in line with others who bent their knee toward Trump. Herschel Walker and Ben Carson come to mind. Herschel Walker lost a senate bid to Raphael Warnock. Trump appointed Carson as his Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. A job Carson had no business being in and screwed the pooch royalty during his unimpressive tenure as HUD secretary.  

Trump is prone to refer to Black people he sees when traveling as “my African Americans,” begging the question, does Byron Donalds feel he is Trump’s African American? Well, it would seem so. How else can you explain his calling for the Supreme Court to interject themselves into the civil case here? Trump was found guilty of thirty-four counts of falsification of business records. Donalds, who is not a lawyer, should know by common sense that the Supreme Court will not interject itself into this case. But in this matter, Donalds has taken what common sense he had and shoved it into the hole he dug for himself when he made that dumbass statement about Jim Crow and Black families. I recommend Elliot Leebow’s book Tally’s Corner as an excellent explanation and rebuttal of Congressman Donalds’ reference to Linden Johnson’s Great Society program along with Patrick Moynihan’s: The Negro Family: The Case For National Action.

I understand what Donalds was attempting to do and say regarding “intact families” regardless of racial construct. There is ample proof children will do better with both parents present. But what Donalds and others purposely ignore is since the inception of this country, the separation of intact Black families through chattel enslavement was the law of the land, along with denying Black children the right to well-structured education, which would provide them the tools to advance themselves. Also, let’s not overlook the shutting of doors to those students who showed and demonstrated they could compete, in many instances, outcompete their white counterparts academically. However, because of the color of their skin, they were forbidden from attending the same colleges or universities.

What Byron Donalds is doing in his lickspittle behavior to support Trump will not gain him what he seeks. Donalds will never be Trump’s VP. It won’t happen, no matter how much praise Trump lavishes on him. There are numerous reasons Trump will not select Donalds as his running mate. He doesn’t bring the Black vote, not that Trump gives a damn about Black voters.

Byron Donalds will be the good little soldier and spread the lies on how Trump was railroaded and mistreated, and that is why the Supreme Court, no less, should take up his case and exonerate Trump of all charges. But isn’t that what Tim Scott, Marco Rubio, Doug Burgum, and JD Vance are doing? Yes, they are.

All of them are kissing Trump’s fat ass and bending the knee in hopes Trump will pick them as his VP; the only two of this cadre of wretched, wannabe wimps who have a chance of being Trump’s VP. are JD Vance, Junior Senator from Ohio, and Doug Burgum, governor of North Dakota, Tim Scott and Byron Donalds will not make the cut.

I don’t have any inside knowledge, but given Trump’s overall history in dealing with Blacks and Black men in general, the likelihood of selecting Scott or Donalds is up there with drawing a royal flush. Not impossible, but pretty damn hard. Scott and Donalds bring little to the table other than their skin pigmentation, ostensibly providing a thin veneer that Trump has some concern for the Black community if he considers these two clowns as potential running mates.

As I said, I have no inside information, but let’s take a moment to consider a few things. A VP’s selection often depends on what they can bring to help balance the ticket. In the case of Mike Pence, it was the evangelical vote, along with someone who presumably could smooth out Trump’s rough edges. Pence’s selection sealed the deal for capturing the evangelical vote regarding Trump’s rough edges. Well, half a loaf is better than no loaf. There is only so much lipstick you can put on a pig.

 This brings us to Donalds and Scott as to what viable contribution either of them brings to the table—nothing, not a damn thing. The only value these sycophants provide is euphonious lies about how the Biden Justice Department supposedly is railroading Trump that Judge Merchan and his daughter are on the take and have it out for Trump. Out and out lies from both Scott and Donalds; they know it’s not true, but they have sold what’s left of their souls in the foolish belief Trump will pick one of them to be his running mate.

It won’t happen for either of them. The first is they are of the wrong hue. Trump would love to have a large segment of the Black vote as a bragging right, but he will settle for whatever or whoever shows up to cast a vote for him. He will then lie about how thousands upon thousands of Black voters left Biden to vote for him. The press will eat it up. Some reporters will fact-check Trump’s numbers, but for Trump and his acolytes, the number isn’t relevant; it’s how well he spins the lie, something he is highly proficient at.

Second, remember that the VP is supposed to provide something to help balance out the ticket; as stated, Pence brought the evangelical vote. If Trump goes to Burgum, he will come with money and potential support from his friend Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft, and his billions. JD Vance brings his principal supporter, Peter Theil, a mega-billionaire with significant business connections and a boatload of radical views around governance. Most of all, he is a strong Trump supporter. Scott and Donalds cannot compete with that.

So when Trump announces his VP pick, he will tell both Donalds and Scott how highly he thinks of them, appreciates all their work, and he needs them to keep doing what they are doing and promise they will have a place in his administration once Biden is defeated. Promises he may or may not keep.

Finally, Byron Donalds and Tim Scott will perform admirably for Trump. Putting on a performance that will be remembered and discussed by newscasters and professors in their political science classes, written about in editorials, and be above the fold of newspapers as a prime example of shameless exploitation by powerful and wealthy white men over Black men, believing the white man they are serving will make good on whatever was promised to them, only to find out Trump’s promises were as empty as Sherman’s promise of forty acres and two mules. A pledge made by Sherman in good faith but never materialized. Why? Because those who embraced the enslavement of Black humans in the country were determined to reestablish enslavement.

Trump may or may not have made promises to Donalds and Scott. We will never know. It doesn’t matter. Both of these men have sold their souls in support of Trump. When told to, they showed up in New York to denounce the proceedings, in which a jury of his peers found Trump guilty of thirty-four counts of falsifying business records and, in a few weeks, he will appear before the judge for sentencing of his crime.

Trump is a convicted criminal, and these supposed believers (Donalds and Scott) in law and order are willing to swear loyalty to this man. I don’t know if they believe the lies Trump spews, but it does seem they are willing to sell their souls to be on the ticket with him. How these two Black men can willingly suborn themselves to a rapist, adulterer, cheat, and out-and-out liar just isn’t logical. For them to even remotely think that Trump was considering either of them to be on the ticket with him was wishful thinking on an unparalleled scale.

Trump’s ego doesn’t allow him to share the spotlight with anyone. After all, he is the one who knows it all, and only he can make things happen. Pigs would fly first before Trump would share his spotlight with anyone, let alone the likes of Byron Donalds or Tim Scott. He’s not that type of person. It’s all about him. It’s always been and will always be about him.