David Ignatius, What the Hell Is Wrong with You?

When I started watching the debate between Trump and President Biden, I instinctively knew it wouldn’t go well for the President. I had hoped I would be wrong. Biden’s posture confirmed something was wrong with him, and he wasn’t the same Biden who gave the State of The Union address. I have accepted that President … Read more

A Federal Data Base of Pregnant Women. What Could Ever Go Wrong?

You remember Kattie Britt, don’t you? She gave the Republican response to Biden’s State of The Union address. No one will blame you if you’ve forgotten her. That’s what usually happens to those selected to provide the Republican response. Her response to State of The Union was like all Republican responses: forgettable and completely unremarkable. … Read more

Can Netanyahu See Beyond The Boundaries?

Reading news feeds on what is happening in Gaza. I often wonder what it will take for us to understand the folly of our ways. It’s then I realize the foolishness of my statement. We are creatures of our destiny and, for unknown reasons, will continue to move in a harmful direction until we feel … Read more

The MyPillow Guy Will Soon Be The MyBroke Guy!

Years back, I was up late working on something, and I saw this crazy guy hawking pillows in the wee hours of the morning, saying how great his pillows were. It was Mike Lindell, and his commercials were damn monotonous. But when his commercials started appearing in prime time, I was shocked. This guy made … Read more

The Man Who Would Be Dictator!

Donald J. Trump is despicable. And for him to have the unmitigated gall and audacity to be hawking a Bible like it’s one of his overpriced and cheaply built condos is a manifestation of his total embracement of the seven deadly sins: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and slot

If You Can Keep It!

On December 23, 1776, the Continental Army, under the leadership of General George Washington, was about to go up against some of Britain’s so-called crack troops, The Hessians. As he looked over these troops, Washington saw a group of tired, discouraged, cold, and hungry men and boys. He understood that if they lost this battle, … Read more