I Never Thought I Would Agree With Sean Hannity!

Sean Hannity of Fox News is not one of my favorite people. In fact, you would find me on the sidelines rooting for a pack of wild elephants using him in a game of elephant ring toss.

I will never forget the look on his face after he was put in his place in a way only a Harvard Professor could. It was when it was the Hannity and Colmes Show. They had a Harvard Professor on to discuss his newly released book around white males and diversity.

Hannity peppered the professor with questions giving him no time to respond. It was evident he (Hannity) cared little for the professor’s book. All Hannity wanted to do was ask the Professor stupid questions to trip him up. Finally, the professor looked at him dead in the face and asked, are you going to let me finish my answer or continue to be a little snot?’ 

Having no comeback, he was sputtering and muttering at such a level Alan Colmes had to step in and finish the interview. A priceless moment.

To me, Hannity is so vile he would drive poisonous snakes out of their own snake pit. So what I’m about to say next is surprising for me. I expected he, too, would have something negative to say about Simone Biles. I was surprised by his statement.

When Hannity encouraged people to stop being so mean-spirited. I had to ask myself why? It dawned on me. His son is on the Wake Forest tennis team as a starter. Unlike Piers, Hannity knows what it’s like to have a child compete on a high level. Watching them train, going through the highs when they win the lows when they lose.

So I applaud Hannity for support for Biles and Osaka.

All of us need to take a deep breath, relax, reset, move forward,” he said. “These young women have both sacrificed years and years, over a decade of their life to become some of the greatest athletes in their respective sports. To be honest, and this may surprise you, I’m kind of shocked people have actually been so mean and cruel in many cases. Passing judgment of both these incredible female athletes. They are under tremendous pressure. And I’m sorry, but some people seem pretty heartless in their comments.

As to his counterparts, such as Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, and those who have perverse beliefs, athletes are supposed to ‘push through’ whatever injuries they have, physical or mental, demonstrate toughness and grit, and do it for the team know bupkus about actual athletic competition. 

Ingraham, Carlson, and Morgan fail to see what Biles did were far more helpful and constructive for the team if she had tried to buck up and push through it as they and others demanded of her. 

Simone may not have competed in the overall team competition, but she supported her fellow teammates, encouraging them, coaching them, and supporting them. As a team, they won silver. Would they have won gold if she competed? We really don’t know.

Winning team gold had a higher probability had Simone been able to compete, but not a total guarantee. For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. The other women’s gymnastic teams weren’t going to fade in the shadows because the US had Simone Biles. 

If anything, they most likely would ‘up’ their game because of Biles. 

Top competitors like going against the best. Providence could favor them and not the leading competitor. Also, one cannot discount the judges. Biles Balance Beam and Vaults were considered some of the most difficult. Who knows how some judges might have scored her routines. It’s not like we haven’t seen Olympic judge bias before.

As we know, Simone was finally able to compete. She took the Bronze in the Balance Beam. And true to his little-mindedness, Piers Morgan again castigated Biles for only winning the Bronze medal. 

This ridiculous virtue-signaling hyperbole has to stop. Good on @Simone_Biles for getting back out there today, but coming 3rd on the Beam was hardly Tiger winning the Masters again.

Nitwits like Piers Morgan think winning a Bronze Olympic medal is a minor accomplishment. Well, what can you expect from someone who has only competed in beer pint lifting at his local pub and losing a race to a dead snail? I suppose he got to eat the snail as a consolation prize.

I never thought I would say this, Piers. You need to take a page out of Sean Hannity’s book and take a breath. 

But most of all, you just need to shut the f****up and go back to drinking beer and racing dead snails. Maybe you’ll get to eat the snail as your consolation prize.