Remember January 6, 2021 – We Almost Lost Our Democracy!

Well, Trump** manages to skate again, thanks to hapless Republicans who have given up on the Constitution. A vote of 57 to 43 was ten short of a 2/3rd majority required for conviction. As senator Ron Wyden put it: Senators swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution. Instead, those 43 senators committed themselves … Read more

Impeachment Number 2

People take notice, you are part of a set of historical events no one could or would have predicted. The historical circumstances I’m referring to are the kind that put the country in a bad light.   First, open insurrection instigated by a sitting president. Which is a violation of the oath he took, “to … Read more

Trump’s Insurrection!

On Jan 6, 2021,we witness the epitome of insurrectionists’ hidden desires to invade the Capitol and overthrow the government. A government they have lived under for years in freedom others long for. Those inane and asinine fools shrouded themselves in the lies of their false god, The Art of The Deal con-man Trump**. Weeks after … Read more