You Only See My Skin Color!

You pass out our history papers, you place mine on my desk, and in big, bold red letters, I read, ‘nice job, good insight.’ My smile turns to a frown when I see the grade B+. I compared my paper to a classmate, she received an A+ for only writing half of what I wrote, … Read more

SJC Position Open: Black Women Need Not Apply!

Senators John Kennedy and Ted Cruz Believe Black Women Don’t Have What It Takes to Be a Supreme Court Justice When President Biden announced he would appoint a Black female to replace retiring Justice Bryer, his announcement was hailed by many and condemned by others. Those leaning toward the progressive side said it’s about time, … Read more

The Commission on The Insurrection Must Go Forward.

Jennifer Rubin’s piece Republicans’ real beef with the Jan 6th commission set me off. It seems both Mitch McConnell and Ron Johnson have a problem with the whole concept of this commission. Neither of them wishes to address the real problems. Trump’s** insurrection. The uptick of White supremacy and the associated violence which accompanies it. … Read more

Remember January 6, 2021 – We Almost Lost Our Democracy!

Well, Trump** manages to skate again, thanks to hapless Republicans who have given up on the Constitution. A vote of 57 to 43 was ten short of a 2/3rd majority required for conviction. As senator Ron Wyden put it: Senators swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution. Instead, those 43 senators committed themselves … Read more

Impeachment Number 2

People take notice, you are part of a set of historical events no one could or would have predicted. The historical circumstances I’m referring to are the kind that put the country in a bad light.   First, open insurrection instigated by a sitting president. Which is a violation of the oath he took, “to … Read more