Tim’s Timeless Tips: Take A Business Writing Course.

The top skill employers are looking for in a new college hire is written communication and writing proficiency.

Demonstrating good writing skills will enhance your stature with management. It shows your ability to think clearly and logically.

Of the top ten skills employers value, written communication is number one. But why? A reasonable question, Mary Kate Morrow, author of zipchecklist.com, provides an extensive list of why good writing skills are essential. In my opinion, number nine sums it up,

Consistency: make sure your team is provided the same information to increase the probability of consistent external communications. When staff receives conflicting or nonuniform data, there will inevitably be miscommunications. Miscommunications negatively affect the efficiency of your company, both internally and externally. A concise communicative company is much more attractive to its customers and clients. – Mary Kate Morrows

Companies large and small spend an enormous amount of time rectifying inconsistent verbal messages during product development or product rollout. If you are part of a  team and can craft clear and concise messages that prevent such situations from occurring, you will be seen as a valuable member. Management will take notice, and you enhance your profile in many ways.

So invest in yourself by taking a business writing course. It will pay for itself down the road. It will get you noticed, put you on the path for advancement, and increase your team and management value—a small price to pay for a significant reward down the road.

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