The Commission on The Insurrection Must Go Forward.

Jennifer Rubin’s piece Republicans’ real beef with the Jan 6th commission set me off. It seems both Mitch McConnell and Ron Johnson have a problem with the whole concept of this commission.

Neither of them wishes to address the real problems. Trump’s** insurrection. The uptick of White supremacy and the associated violence which accompanies it.

Instead of wanting to deal with the cause, these fools want to do their usual thing and politic it to death. Complaining it would be partisan. The only thing partisan about it is these two nitwits continuing to kick the can down the road, refusing to address the real problem. White Supremacy Is On The Rise!

McConnell refuses to acknowledge it because he believes doing so will give him back the Senate leadership if he does. As for Ron Johnson, well, he’s just an idiot.

The commission is needed. This malignant cancer we call white supremacy must be exercised if we want to grow as a country. This evil has cost millions of lives, trillions of dollars, and the only ones who will benefit from it are the wealthy and those who want to see the country burn. In other words,  Trump** supporters.

Commissions seldom fix the problem, but they do provide valuable insight into the cause. For example, the commission talked about the economic impact 9/11 had on the economy:

These losses proved transitory; nonetheless, the changing geopolitical developments that have followed 9/11 have injected a significant amount of uncertainty into any predictions about world markets and their effects on the U.S. farm sector’s longer-term financial health, which is highly dependent upon trade.”

Other nations are envious of our ability to integrate multiple disparate views, where people coexist in a level of harmony and prosperity, albeit tenuous at times.

Our governmental construct has worked to the dismay of those who have less tolerant governing styles. Losing their talented people, hampering their economic growth because of how they rule. So, when they witnessed our insurrection, they were only too happy to point out the hypocrisy. The hypocrisy I am referring to is the white supremacy component of this uprising.

Rubin correctly points out what both McConnell and Johnson are attempting with their push to “take the spotlight away from the real problem — the rise of white-supremacist extremism.” If they are allowed to alter the commission’s agenda, we will lose the focus on the real problem, as Rubin stated. We cannot afford to let this happen.  

No amount of denial by his supporters will change what took place on Jan 6th. For what? Donald J. Trump?**

This man doesn’t give a damn about them. The people who did his bidding on Jan 6th were just pawns to be sacrificed in his failed coup attempt. Trump** has done absolutely nothing to help them, nor will he do anything.  

It will be regrettable if McConnell and Johnson are allowed to disrupt this commission’s creation.

For the country to move forward, this commission is a must. If McConnell and Johnson get their way and hamstring it, they will be responsible for what will inevitably follow, a new form of Jim Crow, and that cannot be allowed.