Tim’s Rant For The Day: Racism In The Royal House!

Why are people surprise that a Royal family member would ask how dark Meghan’s baby would be? Maybe on Earth 2, racism doesn’t exist in its version of the Royal family. But, here on earth 1, it’s front and center.

 Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, wife of wife of King George III, comes to mind. It’s said she was of African descent on the Portuguese side. There seems to be some controversy around the validity of her ethnicity. According to history, she and George were no strangers to the royal bedroom. They had fifteen children. Sadly two died in infancy. The question around Charlotte’s ethnicity may have been a bit of a problem. According to a 2009 Guardian, it says the following:

It is a great “what if” of history. “If she was black,” says the historian Kate Williams, “this raises a lot of important suggestions about not only our royal family but those of most of Europe, considering that Queen Victoria’s descendants are spread across most of the royal families of Europe and beyond. If we class Charlotte as black, then ergo Queen Victoria and our entire royal family, [down] to Prince Harry, are also black … a very interesting concept.”

The Guardian Magazine

So if Charlotte was black, then her descendants were also black. This is reminiscent of the Arkansas 1911 law that deemed anyone a Negro if there had any Negro blood. Euphemistically known as the “one-drop” rule.

The same Guardian article references this law but points acceptance of such a concept was rejected. Not necessarily because it was racist, more so because “this raises a lot of important suggestions about not only our royal family but those of most of Europe.” While the Guadian may claim rejection of such a concept, the unnamed royal who asked how dark the baby would be; expressed their version of a one-drop rule?

The interview with Harry and Meghan was a rating hit. But since we have a short attention span, it will be forgotten by the end of the month. And Harry and Meghan will move on and soon greet the arrival of their second child. One hopes with a level of normalcy or whatever passes for normality among the British Royals.

As I previously wrote, Harry and Meghan are grown-ass adults and can deal with their family problems. And we should let them. Because we certainly have enough of our own.