Don’t Call Me Ron, Don’t Call Me Ron-John, But You Can Call Me A Russian Stooge!

Unlike Representative Clyburn and senator Menendez, I’m not going to play into Ron Johnson’s game and call him a racist. Nope, not going to play his game and give him the satisfaction of crying foul so he can go on Fox News playing the what-aboutism game.

He wants people to react to his comments, especially democratic members of the House and Senate and the major news outlets. Johnson needs and wants them to respond with outrage. It’s part of his strategy. Johnson knows what he is doing. His own comments give it away, “I completely did not anticipate that anybody could interpret what I said as racist.”

This is complete bullshit. It’s performance art.Remember, he is a United States Senator, and he never does anything without considering the impact his words will convey. Mr. Johnson knew exactly what he was saying and how it would be interpreted.

His comments are a distraction from what he is really trying to hide from. The recently unclassified National Intelligence Council Assessment Report,

A key element of Moscow’s strategy this election cycle was its use of people linked to Russian intelligence to launder influence narratives – including misleading or unsubstantiated allegations against President Biden – through US media organization, US officials, and prominent US individuals, some of whom were close to former President Trump and his administration.

We assess that President Putin and other senior Russian officials were aware of and probably directed Russia’s influence operations against the 2020 US Presidential election. For example, we assess that Putin had preview over the activities of Andriy Derkach, a Ukrainian legislator who played a prominent role in Russia’s election influence activities. Derkach has ties to Russian officials as well as Russia’s intelligence services.

  • Other senior officials also participated in Russia’s election influence efforts – including senior national security and intelligence officials who we asses would not act without receiving a least Putin’s tacit approval.

So, for the moment, being a racist, if far better than a Russian stooge. Makes it easier to play the what-aboutism game with Democrats.

He played right into Putin’s hand. Spouting Russian lies as the Homeland Security Committee chair and a torrent load of the false information obtained from Andriy Derkach, a known Russin operative.

This report is damning for Johnson. He knew he would need to get ahead of it. So why not go on a talk show where the hosts are Trump** supporters and say something controversial guaranteed to get Democrats to react.

Calling Ron Johnson a racist is what he wants.

But, addressing him as Frank Figliuzzi said on Nicole Wallace’s show, a Russian stooge.

It is far more accurate and damning, and it has a nice ring to it.