Tim’s Rant: Come on South Carolina Let’s Be Sensible About Guns!

A recent AP article reported out, “A South Carolina senator has a proposal to make sure no federal law can ever seize guns [and] make everyone over 17 who can legally own a gun a member of a militia.”

Seems this state senator, a gentleman by the name of Tom Corbin, floated this proposal when Obama supported an assault rifle ban. Under the Trump** administration, he tabled the ideas. Now, with Biden, he has resurrected it. Makes you think there is a bit of a pattern here.  

The second people like Corbin hear anything around reasonable gun control, they run around screaming, “the Dems are coming for your guns.”

So his bright idea, have every gun owner in South Carolina conscripted into a new South Carolina militia. Seems Mr. Corbin has forgotten his state National Guard is the militia.  

Then there is the problem of making people sign up. He couldn’t if he wanted. We no longer conscript people for military duty.  

Mr. Corbin should stop worrying about people coming to take their guns. Instead, Corbin should consider the following statistics:

  • The top three countries with the highest gun ownership per citizen are:
    • The United States,  
    • Serbia,
    • Yemen
  • In the United States, there are 101 guns per 100 Americans, Serbia 58 per 100 Serbians, Yemen 54 per 100 Yemen citizens.

Stop and think about that for a moment, 101 guns for every 100 citizens. With these stats, he and his fellow legislators should be more concerned about who will be their next Dylann Roof. Who took the life of nine innocent people praying in a church with a legally purchased gun.

Democrats are not coming for anyone’s guns, but they are coming for your sensibility around the issue. Not to take it, but to ask you to just use it.